Pick & Pack

There comes a time when every business needs to scale up, providing more products to a growing customer-base.  Our pick and pack services help take your business out of the garage and to the next level.

We work with a wide variety of accounts, from the biggest stars in music to a small mom and pop eBay store – every client is given the same world class service and support.  Our friendly, reliable, and experienced team are dedicated to ensuring every job is accurate and completed on or ahead of schedule.

FBA Prep

When you ship through Amazon’s FBA service, they have certain packaging and fulfillment prep requirements for your products. Properly packaging and preparing units (FBA prep) helps to reduce delays in receive time, protects your products while in fulfillment centers, and creates a better customer experience.

Kitting & Assembly

Does your business require combining multiple products into new product kits?  Our warehouse kitting service can handle both small and large orders, allowing us to create promotional kits, multi-packs and more.

With kitting, you can service individualized orders by stringing custom components and creating a final product kit or bundle just before delivery.

Subscription Box

Have an idea for a subscription box? Have a subscription box business that is ready to be at the next level? Warehousing Pro can be your trusted partner to put together your subscription boxes on a monthly or quarterly basis.



How much does a fulfillment center cost?

What should you expect to pay when using a fulfillment center? The fees will differ from fulfillment company to fulfillment company, but most outsourced warehouses charge various fulfillment fees for each service they provide your business. For specifics, you can check out FulfillmentCompanies.net detailed guide on fulfillment pricing and costs. These general fees are outlined below.

Fulfillment Onboarding Costs

Sometimes fulfillment companies will charge you a fee to get set up with their company. Usually, this fee covers the cost of integrating with their warehouse management system, setting up all of your SKUs in their system and any other pre-work needed to get your account up and running.

Inventory Receiving Costs

Each time you send new products to the fulfillment center, the warehouse staff will have to inspect it, count it and tie those counts to your PO for accuracy, perform any necessary services to get it ready for inventory (such as kitting, labeling, re-packaging, etc.), enter all of the SKUs and counts into their warehouse management system, and then physically locate it in their warehouse. These items are all considering “receiving”.

Product Storage Costs

Each month your fulfillment center will need to store your product in their warehouse, either on the floor, on pallets (typically in racking), in bins, etc. You will be charged a monthly fee to “rent” this space. The good news is that you’ll only be charged for the space that you actually use, rather than paying the fixed costs of a lease if you were to run your own warehouse space.

Pick and Pack Costs

Once your orders are placed, the warehouse will receive them, pick them, box them if necessary, and prepare the orders to be shipped to customers. The fulfillment center will charge a fee to perform these services, usually referred to as either order fulfillment fees or pick and pack costs. Fees could be charged as a fixed cost per order, a fixed order fee plus a per item charge, or an assortment of other ways. For companies with special scenarios, such as crowdfunding campaigns or subscription boxes, oftentimes the fulfillment center will create a custom pick and pack cost for the project that accurately reflects the time to prepare the orders and capitalizes on the synergies of performing this work in bulk.

It’s important to note that some companies will include the packaging costs into the pick and pack fees, and some will not, so it’s key to understand if any additional charges will be applied to box and fill your packages. You can also provide the warehouse with your own packaging and cartons and supplies in most cases. 

Kitting Fees

Sometimes, your products will need to be “kitted” together in order to make a complete unit. As an example, an order may need 2-3 or more individual products put together. Usually, this can be done more cost effectively in bulk by completing many units at a time. If performed up front and in bulk, the fulfillment center will generally be able to provide a discounted kitting fee. 

Shipping Costs

Once your orders are ready to ship, the fulfillment center will generate the shipping label using your preferred method of shipping. You will have options with most fulfillment companies where you can either ship on your own freight account or use the fulfillment center’s freight account. The benefit of using the fulfilment center’s freight account is that you can capitalize on their discounted rates, thereby receiving better shipping costs than what you’d be able to achieve on your own. 

Other Fees at a Fulfillment Center

The above-mentioned fees are the most common items that you’ll run into if you use a fulfillment center. However, this is not an exhaustive list. Some fulfillment centers will charge other fees, such as account management fees (to provide customer service to your company and answer any questions that you have about orders and inventory), order insert fees (an additional fee to insert promotional materials into each order), returns fees (to receive any product returns, inspect them for damage and then either place them back into inventory or dispose of them), etc. 

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