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Flexible Fulfillment Solutions

If you’re searching for a reliable and secure fulfillment center in Nashville, TN, look no further than Warehousing Pro. Backed by over a decade of industry experience, our company delivers the value-added services businesses need to scale and succeed.

Our facility is located just 10 minutes from downtown, making it easily accessible for pick-up and drop-off of goods. We also have the capabilities required to safely ship our clients’ products to their customers worldwide.

Learn more about our fulfillment solutions or get a quote by filling out our online form. You may also contact us at 615-988-8181 or 800-661-WPRO (9776). We look forward to being of service!

Services We Offer at our Fulfillment Center in Nashville, TN


This involves having our team pick, pack and prepare your business’s orders for shipping. With our pick-and-pack services, you can focus on core operations while leaving the time- and labor-intensive task of order preparation to us. This service not only saves time and resources but also helps ensure that your customers receive accurate orders promptly and in pristine condition.


We prepare your goods according to Amazon’s strict Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) guidelines, ensuring they are ready for storage and shipment through the FBA program. From labeling and packaging to quality checks, we handle all the details so you can navigate Amazon’s requirements effortlessly, avoid delays and help ensure a great customer experience.


Do you offer products that must be combined to create a kit or bundle? Turn to Warehousing Pro. We offer kitting and assembly at our fulfillment center in Nashville, TN. Whether your orders are small or large, you can depend on our services to result in faster lead times, increased efficiency and improved accuracy in order fulfillment. This means fewer returns, happier customers and reduced costs.


While kitting and assembly are best for occasional kitting needs, our subscription box service is ideal for businesses that need subscription boxes assembled monthly, quarterly or otherwise regularly. Our staff will pick and combine the items for your subscription boxes, pack them securely and ship them to your customers according to your specified schedule.



Why Choose Warehousing Pro as Your Fulfillment Center?

For over a decade, we have been the trusted warehousing and fulfillment partner of businesses throughout Tennessee and beyond. In fact, many of our clients today have been with us from the start.

We proudly service organizations of all sizes, from mom-and-pop stores and start-ups to established brands with a nationwide presence. We aim to fulfill our clients’ backend business needs, from warehouse storage to fulfillment, so they can focus on more critical aspects of growing your company.

Whether you’re a musician looking to sell your merch or an eCommerce business wanting to sell your products globally, you can depend on Warehousing Pro for streamlined and flexible fulfillment services that can be tailored according to your unique needs. 

At Warehousing Pro, we take pride in the following:

Flexible Services: We aim to meet the unique needs of companies of all sizes. To that end, we offer small business fulfillment services and solutions ideal for larger organizations that deal with a higher volume of goods. We can seamlessly adjust and tailor our solutions depending on your requirement. Just let us know what you need, and we will get it done.

Experience and Expertise: We have been in the industry for many years and are experts in navigating the challenges of order fulfillment. With us as your partner, you can trust that your products will be handled carefully and precisely. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality guarantee that your goods are in capable hands.

No Long-Term Contracts: We operate on a monthly service model, which allows us to adjust our services as your business grows and your requirements change. Whether you need extra storage space or specialized services such as FBA prep, you can depend on us to promptly accommodate those changes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Fulfillment Warehouse Solutions

What is a Fulfillment Center?

A fulfillment center is a third-party facility where incoming orders are received, processed and filled. It is the center for all logistics operations and processes required to get a product from a seller to a customer, and it is a crucial part of the supply chain of many businesses.

What Services does your Fulfillment Company offer?

We provide FBA prep, kitting and assembly, as well as pick and pack solutions. Additionally, we offer a subscription box service to businesses that need regular kitting of products for subscription boxes.

What kinds of Businesses Benefit from Fulfillment Services?

Many businesses find value in using fulfillment centers. These include:

  • Wholesalers
  • Distributors
  • eCommerce stores
  • Retailers
  • Manufacturing businesses
  • Dropshippers

Does your Fulfillment Company also offer Storage?

Yes, we do! We have a warehouse facility for safe and secure storage of your goods.

Do you Accept Small-Volume Orders?

Absolutely! We offer small business fulfillment services and can scale them down or up according to your needs.

Do you Require any Contracts or Long-Term Commitments Required?

None at all. We offer our services on a monthly basis. You won’t have to worry if your needs change and you require more or fewer services. We can customize our solutions according to your needs without the restrictions of a long-term contract.

What Security Measures do you have in Place to Protect my Inventory?

We take the security and safety of our customers’ goods very seriously. To that end, we have a centrally monitored security system as well as interior and exterior recorded surveillance systems. Electronic code access doors at all entrances and exits keep unauthorized persons out of the facility.


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