Load Reworking and Restacking in Nashville, TN

Fix your shipment in a pinch.

Warehousing Pro is your reliable service provider for freight handling, shipping, and other logistical solutions. Our team understands the effects of hauling cargo in trailers that can lead to shifting or movement that leads to disorganized freight. With our effective load reworking services, we can help you manage your load. 

If you’re passing through Nashville on I-65, I-24, I-40, Briley Parkway, and Ellington Parkway, take a detour at Warehousing pro to have your shipment organized, stacked, and loaded for either cross docking or for a safe journey for the rest of your trip.

Freight Fixing Services from Warehousing Pro

Disorganized cargo can happen due to poor road conditions, unoptimized pallet configuration, and space utilization issues in your trailers. Keeping your freight unorganized for the rest of your transport can damage your goods. With our load reworking services, we can get your cargo ready for the road by organizing and ensuring your load is safe and secure for your trip ahead.

Stop by our warehouse for immediate load restacking services that get you and your freight safely back on the road as soon as possible.

You can rely on us for the following:

  • Accessible Location: Our loading and unloading areas come with dock-high doors that cater to freight of all sizes.
  • Flexible Payment Options: We accept Credit/Debit card, ACH/Bank Draft, Comcheck/T-Chek/EFS/FleetOne express codes, Apple Pay, and Cash


Multiple Forklifts:

We’re well-equipped to unload, organize, and handle shipment optimization within a reasonable turnaround time.

Pallet Jacks:

Unload your vehicle’s pallet cargo and reorganize your pallet configuration for safer transport.

Pallets, Stretchwrap, Banding:

If your pallet’s wrapping was damaged during transport, we have the supplies to restack your goods.

Airbag Dunnage Pillows:

Minimize cargo movement on the road by adding airbags in your free spaces.

Carpet Pole Attachment:

We’re equipped to handle heavy rolled freight and place it strategically in your truck.

Your Reliable Partner for Load Restacking and Other Freight Solutions

At Warehousing Pro, we understand your need for safe and sound freight for the rest of your trip. For emergency load reworking needs, take a detour at our facility and let our team prepare your load for the rest of your trip. Get in touch with us for quotes and other inquiries.

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