Kitting and Assembly Services

Often, businesses need multiple components to be assembled to complete a product. At other times, they may require different products to be bundled together and shipped to their customers. For these types of needs, turn to Warehousing Pro. 

Our assembly and kitting services are the ideal solution for businesses that need products to be combined into kits, promotional packs or multi-packs. We can tailor our solutions according to your unique needs. Whether you need two cards placed in an envelope, a box filled with various products or something more complex, you can rely on Warehousing Pro to get the job done right. 

Warehousing Pro is a trusted name in storage and fulfillment, serving businesses of all sizes in Nashville and anywhere in the world, from mom-and-pop shops and startups to large, established companies. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for a quote on our kitting and assembly services.

Our Kitting and Assembly Services: How They Work

Our assembly and kitting services are designed to meet the needs of businesses with occasional kitting and assembly requirements, such as creating holiday bundles or gift baskets. 

Kitting and assembly is a process that involves the gathering and packaging of multiple individual items or components into a single kit or package. Kitting services are commonly used in various industries to simplify the order fulfillment process, create promotional bundles and enhance the customer experience. 

Here’s how our assembly, fulfillment and kitting services typically work:

  • Labeling: We apply labels or barcodes to the packaged kits for easy identification and tracking. These labels include essential information such as product names, SKUs and barcodes.
  • Quality Assurance: Depending on the client’s needs, we may perform a final quality assurance check to ensure that the kit is complete, accurate and meets any special requirements specified by the customer.
  • Storage: Once assembled and quality-checked, the kits are stored in the warehouse until they are ready to be shipped or distributed.
  • Shipping: When an order is placed for a kit, it is retrieved from storage, packed into a shipping container and prepared for delivery to the customer. We can also label the outer packaging with shipping information.
  • Distribution: The completed kits are shipped to the customers, retailers or other distribution points specified by the client.
  • Inventory Update: The inventory management system is updated to reflect the reduction in the quantity of individual components and the increase in the number of assembled kits.
  • Inventory Management: The process begins with the management of inventory. The client sends all the items or components that will be included in the kit to our facility, where they will be tracked and stored in our warehouse.
  • Order Receipt: When a kit or bundle order is received, the warehouse staff reviews the order and identifies the items that need to be included in the kit. This information is provided through an order management system.
  • Gathering Components: Our workers gather the required components or items from their storage locations within the warehouse. We ensure that the correct quantities and types of products are collected.
  • Quality Control: We can perform quality control checks to verify that all components are in good condition and meet our clients’ quality standards. This step helps our clients avoid returns due to issues with defective or damaged items and ensures customer satisfaction.
  • Assembly: Our team assembles the kit components together according to a pattern or arrangement specified by the client. This step could involve placing items in a box, bag, basket or package in a specific order.
  • Packaging: We carefully package the kit to protect its contents during transit. Packaging materials may include boxes, bubble wrap or packing peanuts.

We can modify or reorder these steps according to your requirements. Our team will be happy to work with you to create an assembly and kitting plan that perfectly aligns with your goals.

Why Choose Warehousing Pro for Assembly, Kitting and Fulfillment Services

For more than a decade, Warehousing Pro has served as the trusted warehousing and logistics partner for countless businesses in Nashville, across the country and worldwide. In fact, some of our clients have been with us ever since we opened our doors. 

We take pride in our quality, scalable and economical solutions that meet or even exceed the expectations of our clients. When you partner with us for kitting services, you benefit from:

Flexibility and Scalability

We have been in this industry for over a decade and understand that our clients may have unique needs. We are happy to take on special projects and can tailor our services accordingly. Additionally, we work with businesses of all sizes, so our minimums are highly achievable. For instance, we can service five pallets shipping and rent you a storage unit for a weekend. No project is too big or too small!

No Long-Term Contracts

Do you only need our services for a short period? No worries. We operate on a monthly service model. Doing so enables us to scale our services to align with your changing needs.

Ideal Location

Our facility is strategically located just 10 minutes from downtown Nashville, with easy access to major highways like I-65, I-24, I-40, Briley Parkway and Ellington Parkway. Additionally, the proximity to a major truck stop makes our warehouse easily identifiable for drivers. This convenience ensures that your products move efficiently in and out of our center, reducing transportation costs and time.

Global Reach

We can work with businesses located anywhere in the world. We only require the products that need assembly or kitting to be here in Nashville. Despite the distance, you can count on us for regular updates to keep you in the loop.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Assembly and Kitting Services

What are the benefits of kitting and assembly?

There are many benefits to assembly and kitting services, including:

Time and Cost Savings: Kitting and assembly can help you save time and money. By having our efficient and skilled workers do these tasks for you, you no longer need to hire, train and maintain employees to gather and sort kit components.

Quality Assurance: Kitting and assembly can help prevent returns by ensuring that all necessary components are included in each kit, have no damage or defects and are assembled correctly.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: Kitting and assembly can help to improve customer satisfaction by providing customers with a complete and ready-to-use product.

What types of products can be kitted and assembled?

A wide variety of products can be kitted and assembled, including:

  • Furniture kits
  • Gift baskets 
  • Holiday bundles 
  • Promotional kits
  • Multi-packs
  • And more!

I need subscription boxes assembled regularly. Is kitting and assembly the right service for my needs?

Our kitting and assembly service is perfect for businesses that need to assemble kits or gift baskets on a limited basis, such as for the holidays. We recommend our subscription box service if you need to create subscription boxes regularly.

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